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Tarot, Palms, Stones


Bring mystery, intimacy and excitement to your company event, a family member's wedding or birthday, a community gathering, or just because...with my readings.

Lipstick Readings


Our lips speak!!  Find out what the shape, size, color of your lips say with lipstick readings. 

I was the College Reader


In North Carolina, we'd drive up the nearby mountain and read tarot cards to pass the time.  In college, I was the dorm reader.  I'm still at it!!!

I add panache to events from casual to exotic!

Family events...


Why not have a fun activity  at a family event! Children can have animal card readings or the Luscher color test.



As you can see from the photos, the costumes range from casual, international to the elegant.  Make your choice.



My job is to add to your event... not frighten people, get clients, or shock people. Readings are focused

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